Episode 322 – The Summer Gamefest Showdow

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Episode 322

It’s gonna be wild next year as the organizers of E3 and Summer Game Fest are gearing up for a head-on clash. Also in the news, Sega announces new multiplayer shooter game Hyenas from Alien: Isolation Studio, Microsoft is dealing with an Xbox Series X controller shortage, Skull and Bones re-reveal, gameplay, and release date and not to be outdone by last week, the most popular game franchises by state on episode 322.

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Episode 312 – Finally a Win for Consumers

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A big win for consumers this week as PS Plus and Nintendo Switch Online are making subscription changes that will prevent auto renewing and zombie accounts. Also in the news, Lego and Sony pump 2 million in investments into Epic Games, Hideo Kojima says Kojima Productions will remain independent and Square-Enix officially announces Kingdom Hearts IV. All that and more on episode 312 of Rated G.

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Episode 214 – Will the PS5 Controller’s Haptic Feedback Become the New Sixaxis?

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Episode 214

Microsoft drops a new Inside Xbox, PS5 drops it’s new controller complete with features, E3 2020 is officially cancelled and in our review round up, Final Fantasy VII Remake. All that and more on episode 214 of Rated G for Gamers.

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