Episode 234 – Mario’s 35th Anniversary

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Episode 234

We finally get the Mario celebration we were all waiting for. The Mario 35th Anniversary Nintendo Direct came out last week and it was a big one. Dan and Dave go over all the exclusive and limited content. Also in the news, AT&T is no longer looking to sell their WB Gaming division and Hello Games is working on a huge, ambitious’ new game. All that and pilots reported a mysterious jetpack man in commercial airspace on episode 234 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 66 – Return Of The Macchiato

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If you didn’t know, a little known company called Nintendo just dropped a new video game console/handheld hybrid called the Switch on Friday (March 3rd) and of course we both got one! We discuss the system, the good and the bad, Breath of the Wild and our top 5 Zelda games of all time. Also in the news, Microsoft announces game pass service, No Man’s Sky wins at DICE and no one attended to receive the award, a dedicated NES streamer beat all 714 officially licensed games, and in an interesting bit of trivia, find out which video game movie Danny Glover almost got hired for. All on episode 66 or Rated G.

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Episode 41 – The Wacky World of Nintendo

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We start off our show with our weekend filled with retro pick-ups. Then we have a story related to last week’s show, online bullying. Polygon reached out to 25 developers about their online abuse policies for their employees, we discuss. Also in the news, more rumors pointing to Nintendo’s new NX console being portable with a home dock, 8BitDo makes a bluetooth receiver for Super Nintendo which allows tons of controllers to be used with it, and No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games gets accused of stealing a Dutch developers “Superformula” code to build the game worlds.

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