Episode 244 – The EA Microtransaction Problem

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Episode 244

At the top of the show, Dave talks about his next gen experience with the Series X and Dan and Dave get snubbed on PS5 orders. In the news, Ubisoft Montreal has a potential hostage scare, Take-Two agrees to deal to purchase Codemasters and EA adds tools to FIFA 21 to help curb spending and playing time and Dave has some strong thoughts. All that and more on episode 244 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 150 – Ya Gotta Call It the Light Switch!

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Nintendo rumors abound over the new Mini Switch and a new Nintendo online service for more hardcore gamers. Dr. Mario World announced for their mobile lineup, EA gets blocked by the Belgium government over lootboxes and Sony shifts focus of first party development to the PS5. Dan and Dave have an incredible pickup week, Dave beats Red Dead 2 and they both the have a chuckle over Bethesda’s disastrous Fallout 76 leather jacket for sale.

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E3 2017 – Our Thoughts on the EA and Microsoft Conferences

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E3 2017 is upon us! We’re two days in and we’ve got our coverage of the EA and Microsoft conferences. Join us as we break down on the shows and comment on all the highs and lows. Also, we have Wipeout Omega Collection in our Review Round Up and our thoughts on the PS4 HD collection.

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