Episode 235 – Microsoft Blinks First

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Episode 235

Microsoft, in an effort to get ahead of the leak, drop the price of the Series X and announce the Series S and price. Sony then races to announce a presentation soon after. Hopefully we’ll get the price. Also in the news, Ninja returns to Twitch in the biggest set of moves from Twitch to Mixer and back to Twitch and we get some next gen game release dates. All that and Dave tells his harrowing weekend river adventure.

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Episode 128 – Trash Bandicoot

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Birthdays, Castlevania, Portland, Venom and Germany. The duo get into all of it at the top of the show. Madden 19 and Colin Kapernick controversry, NES Classic tops console sales charts, parents can now pay for Fortnite tutors for their kids and more in the news. So join us for episode 129 of Rated G.

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