Episode 352 – PAX East 2023 Post Show

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Episode 352

PAX East 2023 has come to a close and Dan and Dave are exhausted in a good way. This episode highlights some of the best of the show. They cover 30XX, Nocturnal, Elsie, Strayed Lights, Wrestlequest and more. Also in the news, The Last Ronin comic is being adapted into a videogame, Valve announces Counter-Strike 2 and Atari buys Nightdive Studios all on episode 352.

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PAX East 2023 Here We Come!

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PAX East 2023

It’s another year and another PAX East. It’s like our Superbowl and we love it. This year looks to be shaping up to one hell of a convention. We’ve got tons of content and coverage coming your way so be sure to keep checking our website and subscribe to our social media so you don’t miss a beat. Here’s to another great PAX and as always, keep gaming.

Episode 208 – PAX East 2020 Recap with Special Guest Matthew Adler

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This is it folks! The PAX East 2020 recap episode. We break down our favorites with special guest Matthew Adler. It’s Matt’s first show and he discusses his overall experience. We get into all that, our top picks of the show and why we all need an extra two days in Boston.

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PAX East 2020 Recap

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PAX East 2020 closing ceremonies

Our Superbowl of video games, PAX East 2020, has come and gone. It’s always a wild ride and this year even more so. Me and Dan are back home and back to the old routine. We’re working through all the games we are, preparing preview articles and gearing up for a PAX East recap megashow.

Possibly the best PAX we’ve ever been to overall. Look forward to all our coverage soon and our new episode soon.

PAX East 2020 Day 3

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It’s day 3 and boy is it a cold one. We’re still in here though. Saturday is always the most hectic but it’s the most fun in our opinion. Everything has settled in, the cosplayers are in full force, and the fans are hungry to play the new games on display. Some notable mentioned this far are Cloudpunk, where a narrative adventure unfolds and you taxi people around a dystopian cyberpunk city, Rising Hell, where crunching metal riffs and pixelated hellscapes are the backdrop for your ascent into a gauntlet of enemies, and Retromania Wrestling, a spiritual successor to the arcade classic Wrestlefest. All in all, lots of great games on display. Day 3 down and one more to go.

PAX East 2020 Day 2

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PAX Day 2 has ended and we have survived the day. We’ve surveyed the floor and found some hidden gems between all the booths. The crowds are bigger today. The devs are even more energized and the fans are hungry for all the gaming goodness. We scoped out some indie booths and got some really great demos and we can’t wait to talk about it on the show. Here’s to the next two days.

Day 4 of PAX has come to a close

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PAX East 2019

Pax East 2019 has come to a close folks. Me and Dan are beat. We’ve played a ton of awesome games and hung out with friends post show floor to discuss the days events. There sure is a lot to see and for a newbie to PAX it can be daunting. Thankfully though, we mapped out everything we wanted to see games and panels included and I think this may be the first year that we didn’t miss one thing we wanted to see. Thanks to the hardworking enforcers, thanks to the tireless devs demoing their games day in and out and thanks to Mike and Jerry most of all for putting on another most excellent convention. See you in 2020.

PAX East 2019 Day 3

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And here are folks. The end of day 3 and me and Dan are beat. So much good stuff on display and we keep finding more that we missed! Throwback shooter and loveletter to Contra Blazing Chrome, Terry Cavanaugh’s delightful Dicey Dungeons, the Ninja Gaiden-esque Cyber Shadow produced by Yacht Club Games, the head snappin’, bone crackin’, spear tossing Mortal Kombat 11 and a ton more. So day 3 is down in the books. We got one final day of PAX. One last day to check out all the games that we couldn’t get to in the first three. Here! We! Go!

PAX East 2019 Day 2

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Day 2 is down in the books. We survived the day by playing some most excellent in production and almost ready for release video and pc games. The Jet Set Radio visual and audio styled No Straight Roads complete with a rocking EDM/Rock n’ Roll soundtrack. Double Kick Heroes, the metal rhythm shooter where you beat in time to save shoot down hordes of zombies in your sweet ride. Rubi – The Wayward Mira with it’s Metroid, Shantae and Axiom Verge vibes. A Duel Hand Disaster: Tracker, the only game where you play a Galaga type shooter on the left stick and a centipede avoidance style game on the right. Continue reading “PAX East 2019 Day 2”

PAX East 2019 Day 1

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PAX East 2019 Day 1

We made it through day 1 of PAX East 2019 and what a ride it was. We conversed with some amazing devs, met some amazing people and played some epic games. From indie darlings to triple A juggernauts, the PAX showfloor was abuzz with an electric feeling. We met YouTubers Jirard the Completionist and Kinsey Burke of the Metal Jesus Crew. Both of them couldn’t be nicer. Both me and Dan got to play My Friend Pedro, Depths of Sanity, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, Feral Frontier and Skellboy just to name a few. While walking around, we managed to bump into two different proposals on the show floor. All in all, day 1 was a massive success. Here’s to the rest of the convention being just as excellent as the first.