Episode 256 – Closing, Cancellation and Restructuring

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Episode 256

It’s not so rosy for Amazon and Google this week. Stadia is shutting down their internal game studios, Jade Raymond is leaving the Stadia team and Amazon’s new CEO says it’s not done making video games, despite problems with their internal studios. Also in a surprising move, the Xbox 360 version of Goldeneye gets leaked online. All that and Dan and Dave’s take a look at their PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020.

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Episode 212 – How to Cope When Staying Indoors

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Episode 212

In the wake of the current pandemic, Dan and Dave tell stories of how they are learning to cope when staying indoors. Dave’s got some grief toward Doom Eternal and Dan recovers from being under the weather. In the News, we get a new Nintendo Direct, some Mario remakes get teased upon the 35th anniversary of the iconic plumber, and Gamestop finally shutters it’s locations.

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