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We got to play the new tower defense/twin stick shooter Sleep Tight at PAX East. From developer We Are Fuzzy comes a mix of frantic shooting and base defense all with Disney Pixar visual aesthetic. If you’ve ever made pillow forts as a kid, imaging doing so to protect your bedroom against a horde of creatures that come out in the night.

The game plays out over increasingly difficult night time levels followed by a daytime rebuilding period. You get stars for killing enemies and 10 suns after each round you complete. After every round, you get to fortify your base, buy upgrades and purchase new weapons and ammo. In our demo, all suns needed to be spent but stars could be carried over. We were shown levels 6-10 in the standard gameplay mode which was the increasing difficult day/night cycle. Unsure if multiplayer is in the works but what we can say is that the gamne controls smoothly and it feels right running and gunning.

Sleep Tight launches on PC and Switch later this year and we’re certainly amped for this to release. Watch the video below and check out their website for more info.

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