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The year is 2089, a giant disc has appeared in orbit of Jupiter. A crew of international scientists is formed in a desperate attempt to understand the mysterious secrets contained within or so goes the tag line. Disc Room is a twist on the action/adventure genre, a game of avoidance and death.

From what I played at PAX the game comprises of you, a hapless scientist, waking up in a single room of a maze and are immediately confronted with a cadre of buzz saws of various sizes. The longer you stay alive, the more saws that spawn. My initial inclination was to dodge and avoid which is one of the things you must do. Sometimes though you have to sacrifice yourself to the buzz saws. When you die, certain challenges will become known. These challenges are what allows you to progress to other rooms. Complete enough and one of the exits opens, you can move to another room or try and complete the rest of the challenges for that room.

It seems not all challenges need to be completed. I was able to eventually navigate to the boss room without 100 percenting every room. This I felt was cool as some challenges are more taxing then others and it gives completionists something to strive for. Defeating the boss ended the demo in question.

Disc Room

It remains to be seen what level of variety will be on offer. Is there more than just buzz saws? Lasers and mines perhaps? Also, the levels did seem preset and not randomized which would be fine given enough content in the game. Perhaps even a level editor and online sharing of your creations with friends, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. If a long and varied enough story mode comes with the final version of the game, it’ll probably shape up to be solid entry.

This game handled very well and had that old school get your heart pumping arcade action. Slated to drop later this year for Windows, Disc Room is definitely one to watch. You can checkout more of Disc Room here.

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