Episode 310 – The New PlayStation Gaming Service is Coming

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Episode 310

April Fools day has come and gone and you Rated G loves all the goofs and gags. Dan and Dave talk about their favorites. In the news, Sony revamps its gaming service into a three tiered system to compete with Microsoft’s Gamepass offering, Xbox Gamepass is reportedly adding a family plan option, E3 2022 is canceled, and someone made a real Mario Kart out of cardboard and it’s pretty awesome. All that and more on episode 310 of Rated G.

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Episode 309 – Haven Finds a Home

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Episode 309

At the top of the show, another sad week in celebrity news as we say goodbye to the drummer for the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins. In brighter news, all of the Netflix Marvel shows are now on Disney Plus. Also in the news, PlayStation acquires Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios, the NFL is making an annual VR football game, a new Witcher game confirmed to be in development on Unreal Engine 5 and someone gets Doom to run on a text-based terminal. All that and Dave talks about Vampire Survivor in the Indie Game Spotlight.

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Saturday Morning Retro Episode 19 – Yakuza (PS2), The Guardian Legend (NES)

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Episode 19

On this month’s episode of Saturday Morning Retro, Dan and Dave talk about The Guardian Legend for the NES and game that started it all, Yakuza for the PS2. Also, in our “Our Top 3” segment, Dan and Dave talk about the top 3 NES sports titles.

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Episode 308 – Harry from the Hood

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Episode 308

At the top of the show, Dan and Dave say goodbye to wrestling legend Scott Hall, they welcome back Tom Brady to football and talk about the worsening state of Gran Turismo 7 gameplay grind. In the news, the Xbox Indie Showcase and Sony’s second State of Play drop, Nintendo’s Online Expansion Pack gets better, EA cancels it’s summer Play showcase and Xbox outsells Playstation. All this and more on episode 308 of Rated G.

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Episode 307 – So You Wanna Ride a Porsche 919 Hybrid 16?

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Episode 307

At the top of the show, Dan saw The Batman, the EVO 2022 lineup and Dave talks about Gran Turismo and some shady business practices. In the news, PlayStation’s February state of Play, E3 may actually be happening this year and Super Nintendo World in California is opening next year. All that and more on episode 307.

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Episode 306 – There’s a New Gaming Service in Town

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Episode 306

On episode 306, Dan and Dave get a little political with all the gaming companies banning sales and services in Russia. In the news, Nintendo celebrates 5 years of the Switch, Netflix gets into gaming for real and Super Smash Bros. gets pulled from EVO 2022.

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Episode 305 – The Steam Deck Reviews Are In!

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Episode 305

At the top of the show, Dan and Dave discuss Peacemaker, the Cuphead cartoon and Dave’s new statue. In the news, the Steam Deck reviews are here and scores are mixed, Capcom is making waves for it’s divisive Street Fighter 6 logo and Elon Musk wants to bring Steam to Tesla cars. All that and more on episode 305 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Saturday Morning Retro Episode 18 – Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Super Mario World (SNES)

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Episode 18

Saturday Morning Retro is back and the most important episode ever is here. Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES and Super Mario World for the SNES. Dan discusses SMB3 and Dave discusses SMW. Also, in a new segment “Our Top 3”, Dan and Dave talk about 3 games that defined the N64.

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Episode 304 – Dave the Game Developer

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Episode 304

On today’s show, Dan runs down the games coming out next month, Dave talks about the game he made and his upgrades to his outdoor deck. In the news, Netflix is making a Bioshock movie, Capcom’s countdown timer and EA blames Halo Infinite for Battlefield 2042’s poor reception all on episode 304 of Rated G.

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Episode 303 – Sony Buys Bungie

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Episode 303

Dan and Dave took a bit of a hiatus they’re back with all the news of the past few weeks. Sony makes a move on Bungie and it’s now a part of the PlayStation family. What does this mean for Destiny and future projects? Also in the news, Nintendo has a killer Direct showcase and it’s great for all the RPG fans out there, The Wolf Among Us 2 gets revealed and reportedly the Days Gone director had some ideas for an Uncharted prequel starring Sully all on episode 303.

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